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Your partner Eglė Daunienė

Your partner Eglė Daunienė

As a practicing change consultant and partner at TALENT SAFARI, my work is to help leaders in strategic change and organizing. This requires helping with cooperation, cultural understanding, team and trust building activities, management skills development. I do this mostly in long term engagements to ensure that the cultural change is achieved. 

Leadership Mentoring

In business companies I take a role of personal discussion partner to the leader. We discuss issues related to advancing his/her team. We discuss what questions need to be raised for the team to find answers to. I heavily believe that real change starts with a question and is only achieved when people figure it out themselves. 

Group facilitation

The other big part of my work is facilitation of group work (people from 3 up to 100+). The purpose of the group is often about how to find common language, agreements and consent, to learn to work together, find the right balance between competing and cooperating, so as to create innovative solutions. Here I draw on scientific knowledge as well as best global practices (like the Future Search, Open Space, World café). My personal executive experience helps me to make these sessions practical and effective.

Practical experience

In my practice I rely on my practical experience in business as well as most recent practice as individual and team coach and management advisor with extensive practice in management leadership, organizational and strategy development, creating and implementing strategy management tools, aligning organizational structure, processes and communication to meet strategic goals. I was a strategy director, a general manager and a board member in a billion size Lithuanian private company as well as a senior consultant in an international consulting firm. 

Scholarly research

I also find valuable insights from my research (as a doctoral student at ISM University of Management and Economics) where I focus on strategic change. My research interests are focused on systems thinking, organisational design, dialogue practices, strategic change through action inquiry.

My background

I have always been very curious about how people think, learn and organize themselves, and this curiosity has led me make choices that resulted in unique experience in strategy formation, business model analysis and organisational change implementation.

I graduated the secondary school at the year of great turmoil in Lithuania – in 1990, and chose to study English. The restored Independence opened the “iron walls”, English speaking people were in high demand, so I started my professional carrier as a translator in a bank where I had a great learning opportunity coordinating a bank restructuring project with European bank-twinning partner. This project opened a door to ArthurAndersen, a great international audit and consulting firm, where I worked first as financial auditor, then as a process and strategy consultant. The seven years spent with the firm were very intensive with learning accounting, finance and business management theory and practicing it by delivering solutions to clients' organisational problems.

The most challenging learning came later when I joined the biggest Lithuanian private company, and took the responsibility of Strategy management director, then general manager’s position and a board member in one of group companies. The responsibility required to find a strategic management and corporate governance frameworks which could be adapted to a very dynamic environment of the business group. The solution involved a lot of research into existing business management literature which turned to be a very rewarding exercise.

I quickly realized that management positions are not as rewarding as the role of solution finder, so when opportunity approached I started my own private professional practice as independent professional specializing in change implementation - through system thinking, mindfulness, storytelling and storylistening.