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Dynamic governance-sociocracy / Strategy session

Strategy session

As a former Strategy director for the major Lithuanian private company and as a consulting practitioner (over 6 years) the advisory services I provide to my clients – the owners and top managers of Lithuanian private companies - are focused on developing and facilitating strategic discussions resulting into co-creating mutual identity (vision, mission and purpose) and inspire creative actions (action plans) towards the emerging future of an organization.

I use Art of Hosting methods for facilitating creative work in groups which leads to strategic insights and mutual understanding.

I use Sociocratic methods for facilitating collective agreements on action taking, so that creating insights become collective action for the emerging future.

Quite often the strategic discussion is documented into a Strategy book, which becomes an internal integrative paper translating strategic ambitions of owners and leaders into what people do every day. Strategy book usually describes key elements of the company’s business model, company values, which often are called working principles, the main initiatives (projects, major tasks or experiments) which the managers of a company undertake to implement the strategic change.

The process of developing a Strategy book is a learning journey within a company to find a common purpose, a common language and to focus on what’s important.