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Leadership Mentoring

Leadership Mentoring

Trust is essential. That's no news. In trust we thrive and everything goes smoothly - goals are implemented, results are achieved, energy is released to act and create. Thus, for a leader the ability to build trust is a critical skill. As well as the knowledge and awareness about organization as a system. 

From time to time each leader has an excruciating need to talk to someone about what is going on in her/his professional life. Not to a family member nor a friend (realities are too different), nor a colleague (issues are confidential), nor a therapist (not really a life issue) ... Yet, there is a need:

- to achieve goals with your team, so that to increase the value of your business;

- to (re)build trust in teamwork, so that to improve results;

- to (re)create trust in the organizational culture, so that ideas emerge internally and the job is done smoothly.

Then you could use a conversation:

with someone who:

- has diverse management experience, lived through tough professional transformations, now is engaged in scientific research in how to implement organizational change;

- is extremely interested in how human talent develops;

- has trained herself in various coaching, leadership developments, psychological and body therapy techniques, to discover that each human has an ability and power to solve own problems and the key is to develop leader's conversational abilities - to learn to shut up, listen and speak in inquiring way.

You know the Answers, yet you might not be able to see them yet.

A discussion partner is a mirror who reflects you so you can better figure out yourself.

I do this since 2005. I bring in my diverse practical experience and scientific findings. The clients are business managers and owners. 

Let me know, if you want to have a conversation.

+370 659 01886. Egle